About Us

Originally ZoopTEK was started as a "hobby company," simply a name we could put our projects under. We were founded in September of 1999, with the start of our first game, Paint Ball 3 EXTREME which lasted five years with well over 80,000 downloads! Not bad for the days of dial-up modems and no such thing as "social media." With no money at our disposal, we spread the old fashion way, word of mouth!

Since then, we've released a slew of games, from our massively-online world domination game Mastery, to Zomband, a surprisingly popular retro rogue-like game. ZoopTEK continues to expand to this day, with more modernized titles. We released Coniclysm in 2010 onto Steam, and soon will be releasing Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition onto Steam, along with Knight Light.

We're finally getting out of "hobby" mode and moving into "business" mode. We have been gradually building a team of experts in a variety of fields, and have some mighty exciting plans of how to evolve gaming toward the ultimate social experience. Stay tuned!


Contact Us

We're based in downtown Chicago. No address because someone may ship us perverse gummy candies.

If you need to contact us, please post on our community or e-mail us directly at zooptek at