Forging Glory
Forging Glory

Forging Glory is a physics-based multiplayer looter brawler with limitless player customization. Set in a colorful, stylized environment, Forging Glory allows you to “feel the power” as you pummel your opponents, launching them off the arena, or shatter them into bits.

Whether you decide to clash with skillful swordsmanship up close, or surprise foes with a masterfully arced arrow from afar, Forging Glory will let you experience the glory of brutal gladiatorial combat in a futuristic, virtual world.

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Decapitate, dismember, and mutilate virtual avatars built of light - you're a God in the arena, annihilating waves of enemies.


Combat is all about skill in Forging Glory; no magic “block all” button. If you want to block a blow, you must aim your weapon or shield.


Create the perfect avatars to fit each battle and play style using limitless weapons and items.


Earn glory by pleasing the crowd, leading you to greater rewards and fame!

Key Features

Singleplayer and multiplayer dynamic campaigns
Fully customizable classless character system
Physics-based combat with 7 unique weapon types
Randomly generated items with 40+ stats
Voxel Smith: craft the perfect item!
Build a demon, a humanoid castle, or a blend! Many skins to mix and match

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